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Text United Translation Platform

  • Enterprise cloud translation management
  • Multiple stacks (ASP.NET MVC, NextJS, VueJS)
  • Integration with GitHub and BitBucket
  • Website translation with vanilla JS
Status: In progress  Duration: 5+ years

Wiki Forum Platform

  • Progressive web app wiki forum
  • NextJS/React/Redux/GraphQL/PostgreSQL
  • Transforming modern reading and writing
  • Immersive metro UI
Status: In progress  Duration: 16+ months

Protonet SOUL

  • Private cloud web server
  • Real-time collaboration (WebSockets)
  • Ruby on Rails and AngularJS stack
  • Webflow web design tool
Status: In progress  Duration: 12+ months

eTermin Online Appointments

  • Real-time scheduling web app
  • Based on NextJS/React/Redux
  • Integration with Firebase
  • GraphQL API with Apollo JS
Status: Archived  Duration: 9 months

Election Voting Supervision

  • Developed for election supervisors
  • Based on ASP.NET MVC and LiteDB NoSQL
  • Real-time data with SignalR
  • Fully responsive with Bulma CSS
Status: Done  Duration: 3 months

Shopify Plugins

  • Plugins for real-time shop stats
  • Based on ASP.NET MVC
  • Integration with Shopify API
  • ASP.NET Web API and Parse Platform
Status: Done  Duration: 6 months

Shorten Text Extension

  • Google Chrome extension
  • Based on ASP.NET Web API and NodeJS (EdgeJS)
  • Text mining for summarizing text
  • Powered by Text United services
Status: Done  Duration: 12 months

Digital library

  • A digital document storage
  • Based on MeteorJS
  • Auto classification and summarization
  • Text mining machine algorithms
Status: Archived  Duration: 6 months

ERP system

  • Nibis ERP software
  • Based on .NET and WPF
  • Only for regional commercial use
  • Closed source
Status: Archived  Duration: 12 months

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Time Management

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